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hi, i'm beatriz. please don't follow me, my blog sucks. i'm so sorry



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What are the five things you like the best about yourself? :)


1-4: I am 70% water.
5: I can cook mackerel.

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still taking MakoHaru porn headcanons? Haru really, really likes sucking the d and Makoto is kind of aggressive no matter what situation he's in so idk like he's into like kind of pulling Haru's hair roughly or something and dirty talk? and haru loves it? (omg i'm pretty sure i'm going to hell for wanting sweet, sweet Makoto to be aggressive as hell in bed...)


Anon, I have NO problem writing aggressive!Makoto when it comes to smut.  Because, you never know what someone likes sexually and maybe Haru likes it when Makoto takes control and takes what he wants.

And my ask is always open for prompt ideas!

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chapter one of my rintori assassin AU

just a warning: this AU will involve potentially offensive content like guns, shooting, blood, cursing (?), but honestly i’m not going to focus on these things very heavily. either way if that could possibly trigger/offend you, please don’t read! i’d hate to hurt or trigger anyone!

well, that’s it, hope you guys enjoy!

Rin narrowed his eyes, upper lip lifting in a grimace. “Get lost, kid.”

"But I was paid for this job," Nitori stated firmly, readjusting the bag on his shoulder. Rin could see the faint outline of a gun within in, clinking with his movement. "I’m not leaving until I get it done."

Rin shook his head. “Too fucking bad. I was already paid too.”

Tilting his head, Nitori seemed to consider the situation, lips pursed. Finally he gave a little nod. “I know! Why don’t we work together? Most assassins have partners, anyway.”

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Mitsu’s Struggle with Crackers

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gave up on chrome and now im back to opera which is ok bc i always liked opera better but now i’ll have to explain 22482521455 times to mom that internet isn’t gone, it’s just different and i know, i can feel it in my bones that she will complain a lot about everything and. ………….. i rlly want my notebook back

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open it and click on “bloquear um nessa página” and then select the ad, it should work ;;;

i’d have to do it with every single ad that opens and im not that strong i’ll just idk uninstall chrome???

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