you know when you are walking and a dog walks by you and you look at the dog and the dog looks back at you and you both keep looking at each other while walking??? i love when dogs look at me it makes me feel so beautiful and special

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Happy 26th Birthday to Miyata Toshiya!

Happy 26th Birthday to Miyata Toshiya!

My dream, now, is to keep smiling all the time.”

For now, just that is enough, he thought.If Makoto’s here, just that is enough.”[x]


Nothing reminds me of how goshdarn young most of you are like the fact people seem to assume one argument = the end of a relationship (Friendly or otherwise)

Relationships as a whole are never all sunshine and rainbows and yes your friends and your partner are going to annoy the shit out of you some days. And you’ll have fights but you’ll get over them. Because you love them, right?

And when you’re under a severe amount of stress, when you’re at breaking point; you’re far more likely to lash out at the person you feel closest to. Because you had hoped they had already understood your distress; but obviously that’s not always possible for the other person; especially if you’re quiet and keep things internalised like Haru does.

One argument doesn’t make the relationship toxic
It takes two to tango, so please stop putting all of this on Haru
They’re both under a hell of a lot of stress
They’re going to make up before the relay
A strong bond doesn’t dissolve so easily after all


the mh tag is actually better than i thought it would be?? so far i have blocked only one person who said the ship sank and the rest is pretty ok? there isn’t half of the angst posts i was expecting. way to go bros

you know what we need? makoharu extreme intimacy: gross things edition.

describing the color of your vomit to your spouse: “makoto, what you want for diner tonight?” “uuh i don’t wanna anything haru. i spent the whole day throwing up. it was orange” “i told you to not eat half of mom’s spaghetti alone” “ugh don’t mention spaghetti. i’ll never eat it again in my life until next week” “i’ll call mom to see if she remembers what medicine grandma gave to me” “‘kay thanks”

telling to your partner that you can’t go out because you have diarrhea “haru, are you ok?” “no, i’m not. this is the 3rd time i come to the bathroom in 30 minutes” “oh, you’re that bad?” “yeah. oh god this is awful, i fell like i’m pissing from my ass. i cant meet with the guys tonight, tell them i’m sorry” “i’ll make some ors and call nagisa to say we aren’t going” “thanks. can you grab me more paper?”

farting:”makoto stop agitating your arms. i know you farted” “no i didn’t” “yes you did. you farted inside my pool” “well, i paid for it too, so it’s also my pool and i can fart in it” “no. stop farting in the pool” “you can’t stop me haru” “stop it makoto” “it’s ok haru, i’m warming the water” “you’re so gross” “at least my farts doesn’t sound like a cargo ship colliding with a whale” “that one was supposed to be quiet” "you’re so thight! how can you make a sound like that?" ”i just miscalculated things” 

burping: “eeeew haruuuu, don’t burp so close to my face’ “sorry” “it smells like mackerel” “i think i ate too much, i can still taste it in my mouth” “gross” “well i don’t fart in the pool and say that “i’m warming the water” like someone i know” “i don’t burp mackerel in other people’s face” /// also ‘i can burp louder than you’ contests!

because let’s be honest there in’t a relationship (romantic or not) that can survive through the years without sharing gross moments with your beloved ones

*still refuses to acknolodge episode 11 and reads all the mh fanfics to avoid anything to do with mh on tumblr*

i still dont get the preview? are they going to australia for real?? who paid for their tickets? they dont need passports and their parents authorization to leave the country? they just go?`hey lets go to australia` `hell lyeah bro`? NO BUT WHO PAID FOR THE TICKETS? are travels to australia so fucking cheap that a student can afford it? idek dude im still upset and confused